“Strange Birds” – The Constantines



not necessarily uninvited,
but surely unannounced.
they descend upon our home
just another stop on the route.
earthy yet extravagant,
plain but somehow ornate
here to sing stories,
and feast on fermented fruits.

they drunkenly giggle
and gossip ’til dusk.
they stagger and stumble,
put faith in wobbly wings.
they piss off the wife
tease the cat to no end,
whistle, warble, sing out to friends
invite ’em all over, shit on every damn thing.

but in the middle of winter
while shovelling the walk,
i’ll rediscover their remnants
and smile at their memory.
i’ll scan the barren treetops
and long for the return,
of the wandering bohemians
and their wonderous bonhomie.


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