Over Soon

Over Soon



“”22 (OVER S∞∞N)(Bob Moose Extended Mix)” – Bon Iver

On a lake tucked away in the woods. Fall colours and summer sun. A seat in the canoe. Water so still that only gravity can orientate you. The slow peaceful rhythm of a paddling stroke gives way to the slow peaceful rhythm of a casting stroke. All of your attention on the fly as you retrieve it to the canoe. Your mind clear.

Strip, strip, stall.

Strip, strip, stall.

Its meditation you understand.

And then . . . A violent flash of green and gold and the silence is broken.

Lines go tight. Reels sing. Smiles go wide. Fish are wrestled to the boat and admired. You both catch your breath as you gently hold the fish by the tail, finning in the water. One strong tail kick and its a ghost. Slowly receding from view into the security of deeper water.

And then its just stillness again.

But for the pounding in your heart.

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